After a long day of killing zombies and running around the Beltway, there is nothing like a little PvP action to keep things exciting and to help pass the time, if you are either a pro or a beginner. The only problem is that in the past, this has been a very difficult task and generally ended up with you being killed very quickly as you will have no experience fighting with your new detailed Player vs Player Classesigilant, enemy hunters, etc.

However, due to the wide-ranging popularity of PvP ( flora, fauna, weapons, armor, tools, etc.,), the attention of game developers has been brought to the variety of classes to be found in the game, which has ranged from the least exciting 1v1 to the 4v4 Cache battles.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Which classes are best for PvP?”

Before answering this question, it is imperative that you know which class you should pursue in the game. To do this, please note a few of the following specifics in the following Gun customizations:

First, what you will be able to have access to when customizing your character will be the first thing you will need to know. At the character creation screen, you will have the ability to choose a primary weapon, as well as a secondary weapon. You will also have an option to choose a melee weapon. Each of these weapons has a customizable array of stats and bonuses that make for maximum damage.

However, the advantages of each of the 4 weapon types quickly decrease as you progress through the levels, therefore you will need to constantly improve your statistics in order to succeed.

The main goal for your character in the game is to kill the other team or be the hero of the story. Therefore, the 3 most important stats for PvP are health, energy, shots per second, and blocks, as these will all improve over time as you gain experience in the battleground.

While the main stats for health, energy, shots per second, and blocks may be important for your character, in the beginning, they become less useful as the game progresses. This is mainly because your favorite weapon will most likely be a 2-handed weapon, and because you will most likely be involved in 1v1 combat early on. Therefore, you must focus on increasing your health much more often than increasing your energy, shots per second, or blocks.

To get a quick boost in energy, you can gain experience by killing your enemies and looting their bodies. However, this will only be effective with those characters that have health bars, as the energy-robbing effect will not work on defeated enemies.

Therefore, it is most effective to upgrade your health (with the aid of a health pack) and your energy, shots per second and blocks, to increase your efficiency in combat.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Many new players find it difficult to determine whether a given move would be effective or not. This problem is easily fixed by simply seeing how each of your special abilities listings affects your class.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your tactics and strategies against your specific target. It will be much more difficult to kill or cripple characters using standard attack methods.
  • Be vocal with your feelings regarding personnel issues within your team. Being neighborly will aid you in getting invites to join future raids and ensure minimized equipment repairs.
  • As your experience grows, you will learn how to properly assess the potential threats to your team. This will help you to properly prepare for them and protect your assets more effectively.

Although being a strong team player will greatly enhance your success, your raid group leader may also have the final say- how many of your special tokens to be used, how many manna points you’re going to require, and what role you will play in the overall success or failure of your team.