A game of tag where the person who is ‘it’ racks up points by hitting bumpers and avoiding contact with others. Frustrating camera angles when playing means that it is difficult to see where other opponents are. Also passing of the tag is somewhat arbitrary as contact is sometimes made but the person who is ‘it doesn’t change hands. Evade your opponents more easily as they are more likely to get caught out when they aren’t looking.


The aim of the game is to mow down Zombies and get as many points as you can. Zombies are fast-paced and powerful creatures with abilities such as dodging, so the game can be frustrating when they rush towards you in large numbers. Luckily, as the game is set in a mall, the zombies will rush at you in numbers and then swarm towards you in packs. A way to survive this is to turn off your music, keep your distance and activate your evasive abilities such as vaulting and shambling.

Stand Up Zomedy

Dead simple concept; just get as many people in as possible and kill them. Set in a gym, this game allows up to seven players to compete in a multitude of different modes. The gym is well designed and contains cardio, strength training, weight loss, pump, and body testing. The game also includes fun ‘Knockout’ mini-games to keep you active and occupied.


A visually attractive accumulation of puzzles, mental challenges, and silly challenges. The aim of the game is to clear the screen and reach the end. It involves math, logic, logic puzzles, and eliminating everything. There are also special blocks that can be knocked over and used to increase points, but of course, the person who does not worry about their scores will be playing for hours!


Nintendo Wii specializes in electronic and computer games and created specifically for the Wii. Set in different electro-mechanical worlds, it allows the player to control the amount of electricity and the amount of heat that passes through the different parts of the screen. It includes an energy bar that favorites such as beginners and experts can master, making the whole Heat system a fun way to improve your understanding of electricity and heat.


This storm system consists of an asteroids belt and a meteor shower. It includes speeding meteorites, arrows, lightning, and raindrops. Over 80 unique tracks and locations, including the Underworld, Cave of Nod, volcano, deep space, and the Cloudpark. asteroids belt is full of asteroids and credits which gradually allow you to improve your skills and get faster credits allowing you to access more games.

Fifi Racer

This is a fury game consist of 4 different modes that competes for the title of champion. The key to winning is to use the least amount of energy, but this can be difficult when you add different monsters. This is probably the most ‘agi’ part of the game’s coding.


This is probably the most ‘classic’ part of the game. A storm system with a varied track to choose from. The submarines actually turn-based when you are too big to fit in the existing growth cone. A mass of bullets at the bottom of the screen then launches from below in an envelope that you have to try and avoid, by the time the envelope reaches the bottom, it’s way past your current rating. The mass of bullets, however, makes it easy to bounce against the side of your screen.

H gp Edition

Is a collection of H gp, and N exactly the same games, one of which is only accessible to the Nintendo customer. There are a lot of RPGs, I’m not sure how many, but there are a lot of them and most of them used to be on Nintendo systems, but not on this one. Also, it’s worth noting that on the main menu you can see which one of these you are currently playing and you can unlock them.

So why not just buy one, as I said at the beginning? Well, the truth is it depends on what you want. If you’re not that much in the mood to get all the games in a bundle, then a single title is fine. If you’re a fun and action junkie like me, then two or three action/adventure games and a puzzle game are buyer’s delight. Why even the Classics like Mega man 9 are great fun! I had a blast with Mega man 9. You can’t write about Arcade without talking about arcade machines, and I’ll put two thumbs up to Capcom’s M series, and most recently MvC3. These are essential for any developer’s library and especially Nintendo’s.